What our happy customers have to say…

Face Cream

Yes thank you I received your products. I like the face cream very much and so nice to know it is natural.


The sunscreen is really good – nice to apply, not smelly (ie perfume) not greasy but nicely moisturising. It was used by others in the group on our trip to Rarotonga, who also liked it. It certainly worked well – we have come home with nice tans but no sunburn!  Shirley

“The sunscreen is just great, it goes on easily, not greasy, nice and moisturising and best of all it doesnt irritate the kids skin. Thanks so much”Sandra

Do you know, that sunscreen is the best thing ever…..it goes on so nicely and smells nice and I love that there are no nastys in there. I piled it on myself and the kids and not one of us got even slightly burnt! It was awesome. And the day I had to get my daughter to put it on my back, it did get red in the bits she missed – it was very clear which parts had the sunscreen on! Thank you for it, it is my favourite thing so far! Ingrid

Bubble Bath

Thank you so much Susan – our bubbles arrived today and for the first time in a very long time I did not have to entice my daughter to get into the bath, as soon as she saw the bubbles she jumped right in.

Thanks so much for getting the balm and bubble bath over so quickly, Priya’s cheeks were getting so dry but the balm has made them all lovely and soft again and the bubble bath smells so fresh I’m going to start using it myself! She loves slashing around in all the bubbles and I’m happy knowing there’s nothing in it but good, natural stuff, thanks.” Gillian

Tried out the bubble bath and body wash today and seems to be no reaction on his skin so far, so that’s a good sign! Bubble bath was a real hit. Also I was quite surprised at the amount of bubbles, even having seen the photo you had posted on your website – a really great product. Kelly.

The Made4Baby bubbles are awesome, they last forever, and the citrus smell is soo nice, thanks heaps.

Olive Bar Soap

I’ve had great success with the olive bar soaps. No worries at all – which is great. Thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s very much appreciated. Mary

Dishwash Powder

Hey the dishwasher powder is so great.  I’ll certainly be ordering that off you for LIFE hahahaha so when im on the last one, i’ll send through another request for a couple of them again.  And will do for quite sometime.  Even if my son’s skin cleared up, theres no way I’d go back to a chemical house.  So thanks heaps.  What a great discovery. Raylene

Bug Balm

Did I let you know that I tried the bug balm..?  I went out to prune olive trees with Andy, I had bug balm on and he didn’t, and he got bitten, and I didn’t!  It’s really nice that it is actually nice to have on, unlike the deet containing insect repellants that really feel like toxic chemicals all over you, this feels like a nice moisturising cream and is a pleasure to wear.

Fly Spray

Great to find a natural fly spray, and one that works too.  Very pleased with it, and look forward to having a fly free summer this year. Charlotte


Once you have used the sodium lauryl sulphate free Herbal Fresh toothpaste, it is very hard to go back to a traditional toothpaste.  I was recently at a friends place and used her name brand toothpaste – it was like having a mouth full of soap, all foamed up and it tasted horrible.  The Herbal Fresh toothpaste cleans your teeth just as well without all that unnecessary soapy foamy SLS. Sophie

Bee Balm

” My 9 month old son had very dry skin on his arms and legs to the point that it was almost scale like, having tried several other creams I found that the bee balm after only a few days made his skin alot less rough and after a week and a half his skin was soft and smooth again, I continue to use it regulary once a day after bath time. I have also found it great for nappy rash .. and the carpet rash he now gets from crawling around on his bare knees…” Carol

My baby’s skin went from dry to lovely and soft in only a couple of days of using the Tui Bee Balme. Such a great product, will be getting that again. Sarah

Laundry Powder

I love the Earthwise laundry powder.  It is super concentrated and cleans a whole lot better than any other Eco product I have used.  I also like that it is manufactured in NZ from all natural ingredients. Sophie

Scratchy and Itchy Gel

This is a fantastic product, thanks for introducing it to me. It soothes everything. My kids had sandfly bites, my husband had sunburn and I got a bee sting. And it smells gorgeous with the thyme. It goes with me everywhere!

I went tramping and got the Botanica Insect Repellant and the Scratchy & Itchy Soothing Gel from you. I hardly had to use the Scratchy & Itchy Gel as I barely got bitten, the spray repellant works a trick, is easy to apply and smells nice, to us, maybe not the bugs. I am sure I will find a use for it though, cheers.

🙂 Thanks so much to all these happy customers who have given their comments and all the other customers who have supported Red Rata and the great products we offer. We love to get feedback so please email us and let us know your thoughts about your products.