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Everyday we expose our bodies to hundreds of synthetic chemicals by just having a shower or cleaning the house. Many products we use contain chemicals that have been linked to serious health issues. Why risk our own well-being?

Look at the ingredient list on your toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products. If they are unpronounceable they should probably stay in the chemistry lab! Avoid paraben preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, petrolatum products, isopropyl alcohol and aluminium to name a few. Wouldn’t you rather treat your body to sweet almond oil, lavender and honey?

You can shop in confidence at Red Rata. All our products contain ingredients that the earth provides for us and which have been used for centuries because of their beneficial properties.

6 easy reasons why natural is good for you

You will love the smell and feel, plus they really work
Pure simple gentle ingredients that your body craves
Ingredients made by nature so you know what is in the products
Less chance of reactions or health issues
You use less so you actually save money
You are gorgeous so you deserve to use gorgeous products

5 reasons to avoid awful chemicals

Our bodies readily absorb whatever is on, or around it, therefore posing health risks
Ingredients made in a lab so you have no idea what they actually are
Often ingredients not meant for body care or home cleaning products
Harmful to our environment
Many ingredients often make problems worse so you use more (crazy!)

5 reasons to shop at Red Rata

You can choose safe healthy alternatives that have been personally tried and tested
You will find all your basic natural essentials plus more
Your shopping experience will be super easy, quick, friendly & helpful
You will love the products we offer you and come back for more
You love NZ & support NZ made and you wish to help keep our world beautiful for today & for our children’s children

At Red Rata we believe you are as healthy as the things you put ON your body, not just in it!